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Simi Hills

Trump National Los Angeles


Los Verdes golf course

Catalina Island Golf Course 

The legends golf course at temeku hills

Desert Dunes

Cimarron golf resort

Mesquite   (Now Closed)

Morongo golf club at tukwet canyon

Terra Lago (North Course

Mountain View Course At Desert Willow

Mountain Vista  Golf Club  Santa Rosa Course

Simi Hills  Simi Valley

Address:  5031 Alamo St.  Simi Valley, Ca.  93063  Phone:  805-522-0803  Website: 

I have a lot of favorite courses and Simi Hills is one of those courses and probably makes the top ten.  It is a golf course that has just about everything you want in a course-uphill, downhill, flat, forced carries that are reasonable, length, good bunker placement, generous fairways, and fast greens.  I could go on, but I won't.  I like the layout as it goes through the hills on the front nine and runs by a creek on the back nine.  My favorite hole on the course is the uphill par 3 fourth at 155 Yards followed by the par 4 5th which is short at 306 Yards but your tee shot must be exact because there is a lake to the left which comes into play.  Hey, this is fun.  

Tees:  Par 71

Black  6651 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.5  Slope 128  Women  Rating 78.7  Slope 138:  Gold  6381 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.2  Slope 124  Women  Rating 77.1  Slope 135:  Silver  5920 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.0  Slope 119  Women  Rating 74.5  Slope 130:  Bronze  5309 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.2  Slope 111  Women  Rating 70.9  Slope 125:  Copper  4294 YRDS.  Men  Rating 60.7  Slope 99  Women  Rating 64.8  Slope 105       

Green Fees:  $28-$64  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Trump National Los Angeles

Address:  One Trump National Drive  Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca.  90775  Phone:  310-303-3240  Website:

Trump National 410.jpg

Check Out My You Tube Video:


Yes, there is a view of the Pacific Ocean on every hole

Yes, there is a view of the Pacific Ocean on every hole. Another thing I wanted to share here was that I was very apprehensive about playing here.  My misconception about the place was that it would be very "uppity" and unfriendly almost overly formal.  Yes, the place did have an upscale feel, as it should, but it was really kind of "homey" and warm.  The staff was friendly and welcoming, and there goal was to make you feel right at home.  I liked that.  As far as the course goes, I found it a challenge but fair.  The greens were large and fast.  Fairways were generous and it was kind of different riding behind the falling water of the waterfalls. Yes, there was water on the course, but the placement of the water was not punitive but playable.  I liked the course and it was fun to play.  By the way, everything on the greens breaks toward the ocean.  The good thing about that is you can see the ocean on every hole.  Check out the YouTube Video.       


Black  Par 72  6844 YRDS.  Men  Rating 74.6  Slope 144:  Blue  6273 YRDS.  Men Par 71  Rating 71.9  Slope 136  Women Par 75  Rating 78.0  Slope 146:  White  5885 YRDS.  Men Par 69  Rating 69.9  Slope 130  Women Par 69  Rating 75.3  Slope 142:  Red  5293 YRDS.  Men  Par 67  Rating 67.1  Slope 121  Women  Par 67  Rating 71.1  Slope 134:  Gold  4497  Men Par 63  Rating 63.6  Slope 111  Women  Par 63  Rating 67.8  Slope 122 

Green Fees:  $160-$280  Call The Pro Shop For Exact Rates

RAnge:  Yes (Breathtaking)

Los Verdes RAncho Palos Verdes

Address:  7000 West Los Verdes Dr.  Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca.  90275  Phone:  310-377-7888  Website:

It has been a very long time since I have played this course but I understand that it hasn't changed very much.  Its one of the busiest munis in the State of California and is very hard to get on.  The views from the course are spectacular and on a clear day you can see Catalina Island across the Channel.  The course isn't so bad either.  I don't remember much about the course, but I do remember that it was a lot of fun to play.  It is located on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean but if my mind serves me right it was not that hilly.  The greens were of average size and putted true.  I would say that it is very much worth the wait and I recommend playing it if you can get on.


Blue 6617 YRDS.  Men  Rating 72.0  Slope 124  Women  Rating 79.0  Slope 137:  White  6234 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.3  Slope 120  Women  Rating 76.7  Slope 131:  Silver  5772 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.0  Slope 115  Women  Rating 74.0  Slope 123:  Orange  4373 YRDS.  Men  Rating 62.0  Slope 101  Women  Rating 67.1  Slope 115

Green Fees:  $27-$53  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Catalina Island Golf Club  (9 hole course)

Address:  1 Country Club Road  Avalon, Ca.  90704  Phone:  310-510-0530  Website:


Check Out Our YouTube Video

Yes, there is a golf course on Catalina Island.  In fact, its a very historical one at that.  It is actually one of the first golf courses west of the Mississippi River.  You may get an argument from some other courses, but that is what the claim is. This used to be an 18 hole championship course, but was downsized, shortened and rerouted during WWII to a nine hole layout. Even though it is a shell of its former self, it is a lot of fun to play.  The course is basically flat and the par fours are short.  The par threes are a lot of fun to play as well. The first hole will get your juices flowing.  You tee off from an elevated tee and you have to tee off with a road below you.  What a great way to start a round of golf. Take a look at the YouTube video.     

Tees:  Par 64  (9 holes Twice)

Blue  4402 YRDS.  Men  Rating 61.6  Slope 107:  Blue/White Combo  4282 YRDS.  Men  Rating 61.1  Slope 106:  White  4162 YRDS. Men  Rating 60.6  Slope 105  Women  Rating 64.6  Slope 108:  Red/White Combo  3712 YRDS.  Women  Rating 61.9  Slope 103:  Red  Women  Rating 60.0  Slope 98  

green fees:  $35-$40  Plus Cart

Range:  No (Net)

The Legends Golf Club at Temeku Hills

Address:  41687 Temeku Drive  Temecula, Ca.  92521  Phone:  951-694-9998  Website:

My daughter and I were in Temecula for her California State Championships Tournament and we thought we would get in a round at the SCGA Member Course where the tournament was going to be held.  We were told that my daughter could not play the course because she would be disqualified. We didn't want that to happen obviously, but we wanted for her to get a practice round in somewhere.  We asked the pro where we should go and he suggested The Legends at Temeku Hills.  I'm glad he did.  The Legends is a Ted Robinson design so you can just bet there is going to be a lot of water and sand on the course.  Guess what, there was.  It was a pretty good layout actually.  The course was basically flat,  fairways were generous and the greens putted true.  Oh and yes there was water.  There was only one hole that I had issue with and that was the par 5 second.  The driving area was just too small and the hole sloped toward a ravine.  Other than that it was fun to play and very fair.    

Gray (Tournament)  6610 YRDS.  Men Par 72  Rating 72.5  Slope 130:  Gold  6503 YRDS.  Men Par 72  Rating 72.0  Slope 129:  Blue  6177 YRDS.  Men Par 71  Rating 70.3  Slope 125  Women  Par 72  Rating 76.3  Slope 138:  White  Men Par 71  Rating 68.7  Slope 121  Women  Par 72  Rating 74.4  Slope 134:  Silver  5396 YRDS.  Men  Par 68  Rating 66.7  Slope 115  Women  Par 72  Rating 72.3  Slope 129:  Red  5053 YRDS.  Men  Par 68  Rating 65.2  Slope 110  Women  Par 72  Rating 70.4  Slope 126: 

green fees:  $25-$65  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

San Diego Palm Springs 112.jpg

Palm Springs

Check Out Our Palm Springs YouTube Video

Desert Dunes

Address:  19-300 Palm Drive  Desert Hot Springs, Ca.  92240  Phone:  760-251-5370  Website:

San Diego Palm Springs 244 (1).jpg

So I had to choose three golf courses in the Palm Springs area in January which is high season whose green fees were under $100.  This was for a magazine assignment when I was writing for West Coast Golfer Magazine.  Where do I start?  I stayed in Desert Hot Springs and Palm Drive is the main drag between Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs.  Out in the middle of nowhere on Palm Drive was a sign "Desert Dunes Golf Course" so I made the left turn and went to the course.  I'm very glad I did.  This is a Rees Jones design and is very upscale.  It is mostly flat and is a desert type course where many of the holes are cut out of the desert terrain with no other holes around them.  There is water.  The fairways are fairly wide and generous and I was impressed by the greens. The course, even though it was flat, was challenging and that challenge was heightened by the fact that it got very windy.  I was told that it gets windy in this part of the desert.  I believe it now after playing the course.  Desert Dunes is a good test of golf and a lot of fun.


Black  6686 YRDS.  Men  Rating 73.8  Slope 142:  Gold  6614  YRDS  Men  Rating 72.7  Slope 134:  White  6205 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.2  Slope 124  Women  Rating 75.9  Slope 126:  Silver  5359 YRDS.  Women  Rating 70.7  Slope 116

Green Fees:  $65-$95

Range:  Yes

cimarron golf resort

two courses:  Boulder (Championship) and Pebble (Executive)

Address:  67-603 30th Avenue  Cathedral City, Ca.  92234   Phone:  760-251-5370  Website: 

San Diego Palm Springs 171.jpg

Cimarron is a true desert course, built in a desert wash or dried up river bed.  The course is flat and has many sand collection areas that frame the fairways.  That's not to say that the fairways weren't lush and the greens big and fast.  There are very few trees on the course and basically the trees that are on the course are scrub bushes.  Son't get me wrong, even though the course was basically flat, it was a challenge and kept my interest.  I had an absolute ball playing the course.  

Tees:  Boulder Course Par 71 (Men)

Black (Cimarron)  Men  6782 YRDS.  Rating 71.6  Slope 122: Blue (Championship) 6328 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.7  Slope 117  Women  Par 75  Rating 77  Slope 132:  Blue/White (Combo)  6011 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.2  Slope 114:  White (Middle)  5777 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.1  Slope 112  Women  Par 71  Rating 71  Slope 120:  Red/White Combo  5239 YRDS.  Women  Par 71  Rating 70.7  Rating 120:  Red  5043 YRDS.  Men  69.5  Slope 104 Women  Rating  69.5  Slope 116    

Tees:  Pebble Course  Par 55 (Executive)

Black (Cimarron)  3019 YRDS.  Men  Rating 54.6  Slope 78  Women  Par 56  Rating 58.0  Slope 78:  Blue (Championship)  2615 YRDS.  Men  Rating 53.7  Slope 78  Women   Rating 53.7  Slope 78:  Forward (Red)  2237 YRDS.  Men  Rating 52.7  Slope 78  Women  52.7  Slope 78   

green Fees (Boulder Course)  $65-$95

Range:  Yes

Mesquite Golf Club  (Now Closed)

Address:  2700 Mesquite Ave.  Palm Springs, Ca.  92264  Phone:  760-323-9377  Website:

San Diego Palm Springs 153.jpg

This course is very historical in that it was the first golf course to be built in Palm Springs.  In fact, most of the celebrities who called Palm Springs home such as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby have played there.  It is unique in that there are 3 par 3's, 3 par 4's and 3 par 5's on both nines.  Unfortunately the Bert Stamps design has fallen on hard times. The course is not very well maintained and is not in the best of shape.  It has some wonderful holes, but what can you say.  What a shame because I really enjoyed the layout.  It is very inexpensive to play if you can get by the poor conditions.  

Tees:  Men Par 71  Women Par 70

Black  6312 YRDS  Rating 69.5  Slope 122:  Blue  5945 YRDS.  Rating 68.0  Slope 118:  Yellow  5330 YRDS.  Women  Rating 70.8  Slope 120  

green fees:  $25-$60

Range:  Yes 

Morongo golf club at tukwet canyon  (Beaumont, Ca.)

Address:  36211 Champions Dr.  Beaumont, Ca.  92223   Phone:  951-845-0014


Where do you find a golf course in the Palm Springs area where the green fee is under $100 in January?  It is a difficult task, I must say.  We couldn't find one in the Palm Springs area proper, so we had to travel to Beaumont, about 20 miles to the west of Palm Springs.  We found Morongo Golf Club in Beaumont, Ca. on Golf Now.  Well, what can I say?  OK, I will stay in the positive here.  There are two courses here, The Champions and The Legends courses.  We played the Champions course because supposedly the Legends course was closed.  I asked why the Legends was closed and nobody had the faintest idea.  OK, let's keep things positive here.  We started on the back nine, again I asked why with no explanation.  What about the course itself?  I kind of liked the layout.  It was a bit hilly with a creek running through it.  You had to hit your spots, otherwise you found yourself reaching in your bag for another ProV because you just put your ball into the barranca.  The barranca wasn't in an unfair place, you just didn't know how far it was to carry it because you have never played here.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the holes but it definitely is a course you need to play once in order to score and find the spots.  The greens were fairly large and a bit not overly undulating.  I felt that they putted true and if I remember correctly a bit firm.  Don't hit your ball in the bunkers though.  They are like concrete and filled with boulders-lots of pebbles actually with very little sand.  Would I come back and play this course again?  The jury is out but I doubt it.


Tees (Two Courses-The Champions and The Legends):  


Gold  7377 YRDS.  Rating 76  Slope 141:  Black  6804 YRDS.  Rating 73.6  Slope 136:  

White  5948 YRDS.  Rating 69.4  Slope 124:  Red (Men)  5274 YRDS.  Rating  66.2 

Slope 116:  Red  (Women)  5274 YRDS.  Rating 72.4  Slope:  128

Combination Tees are available--See the yardages, ratings and slopes on the actual scorecard


Gold  7442 YRDS.  Rating 75.8  Slope 140:  Black  6803 YRDS.  Rating 72.9  Slope 133:

Blue  6394 YRDS.  Rating 71.1  Slope 127:  White  5871 YRDS.  Rating 68.4  Slope 120:

Red (Men)  5169 YRDS.  Rating 65.0  Slope 111:  Red (Women)  5169 YRDS.  Rating 70.8 Slope 131

Combination Tees are available--See the yardages, ratings and slopes on the actual scorecard


Green Fees:  $70-$60  A Senior Rate Is Offered  $50 Weekdays  $60 Weekends and Holidays

Range:  Yes   

Terra Lago  (North Course)

Address:  84000 Terra Lago Parkway  Indio, California  Phone:  760-775-2000


When you travel down to The Palm Desert area with the intent to play golf, you are faced with a daunting question, where do we play? It seems as though you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a great golf course. You want to find a good course that is in good condition and not pay an arm and a leg as far as green fees. Oh, and make sure it's not a goat track. We found Terra Lago on Golf Moose and decided that it was worth taking the chance to play it as it was very reasonable and the reviews were acceptable. I'm very glad we took the chance and We definitely would play the course again.    

There are two courses at Terra Lago, the North Course and The South Course.  The resort closes one course so that they can rest the course and do needed maintenance. The South Course was closed when we were there so we played the North Course, although we were told that both courses were very similar and we weren't loosing out by playing the North Course. 

Let's move on to the course itself.  It was a lot of fun to play and I played the white tees which for me were more than enough for me to handle with my wife playing the red tees. It was very well bunkered with large, well bunkered greens.  There were bailout areas around the greens but those greens were surrounded by some scary bunkers.  Most of the greens were elevated from the fairways which added to the interest of the hole.  There was also water on the course on a couple of holes, with #15 having an island green.  I'm not a fan of island greens, but oh well it was fun.  When we go back to Palm Springs next year (we already have the time share booked) we will play Terra Lago again and maybe play the South Course.   

tees  (north course):

Professional:  7060 Yards  Men's Rating 73.7  Men's Slope 137:  Championship  6511 Yards  Men's Rating 71.4  Men's Slope 132:  Regular  5870 Yards  Men's Rating 68.5  Men's Slope 125  Women's Rating 75.0  Women's Slope 134: Forward  5067 Yards Women's Rating 69.7  Women's Slope 124

Rates:  $45-$48 with cart Please Check The Website for Green Fees

Range:  Yes (Practice Facility)

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