Las vegas/reno/lake tahoe

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Royal Links

Stallion Mountain

Desert Pines

Boulder Creek

Boulder City

Red hawk golf and resort 

lake tahoe golf course

 Las Vegas

Royal Links

Address:  5955 Las Vegas Valley Dr.  Las Vegas Nv.   Phone:  702-765-0484  Website:

I enjoyed playing Royal Links.  The course is made up of 18 holes inspired by some of the great holes played in the British open. The course was in great shape with some very challenging holes such as "The Postage stamp" and "The Road Hole".   


Black  7029 YRDS.  Rating  74.2  Slope  139:  Gold  6602 YRDS. Rating  men 72.0  women 77.0  slope  men 132  women 140:  Ruby  5864 YRDS.  rating  men 69  women 74.6  slope  men 113  Women 124  

green fees:  $60-$90

Driving range:  Yes

Stallion Mountain

Address:  5500 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, Nv.   Phone:  702-547-6250  website:

When I played Stallion mountain it was three courses, all in fantastic shape, and got to play all three.  They have since condensed the three courses consolidating the best holes of the three courses into one course and I have not played the new course. I do know that the three courses were fun to play, so I would assume the new course is just as enjoyable.  I was sorry that  the course was changed, but that's life and real estate in Las Vegas I guess.  I hope to come back to Las Vegas soon and play Stallion Mountain.  


Man'o'war (black)  7123 YRDS.  rating 75  slope 139:  Citation (copper)  6535 YRDS.  Rating men 72  slope 131  women rating 79  slope 143:   American Pharoah (white)  6027 YRDS.  men  rating 69.4  slope 126  women  Rating 75.6  slope 135:  Secretariat (gold)  YRDS.  5415  men  rating 66.6  slope 121  women  rating 71.8  slope 126   



green fees:  $20-$70 cart included  (call pro shop for exact rates)

driving range:  Yes

desert pines

Address:  3415 Bonanza Dr. Las Vegas, Nv.  Phone:  702-388-4400  website:

Desert Pines is another course in Las Vegas that is inspired by courses in other parts of the country.  This course is reminiscent of the pine forest courses you would find in the Carolinas such as Pinehurst. this course goes into the category of favorite courses I have played. the layout was a lot of fun to play with bunkers and water on the course as well as lush fairways and greens. Sometime I will tell you my driving range story.


Black  6222 YRDS.  men's rating 71.7  slope 137  women's  rating 76.5  slope 146:  White  5520 YRDS.  men's  rating 67.6  slope 120  Women's  rating 72.5  slope  132:  Red  4678 YRDS.  men's rating 63.8  slope 108  women's  Rating 67.6  slope 121     

green fees:  $40-$60  cart included

driving range:  Yes

Boulder Creek Golf Club

address;  1501 Veterans Memorial Drive  Boulder City, Nv.  Phone:  702-294-6534  website:

Boulder Creek is run a muni run by the City of Boulder City. It has three nines in which the three nines are rotated for play.  When I played there the Desert Hawk and Coyote Run courses were open for play but the El Dorado nine had yet to be developed although you could see they were working on the course. Desert Hawk is a combination of desert and oasis courses where Coyote Run is a more traditional oasis course. I had fun playing the two nines except the course had just opened and the greens on both nines were hard.  I haven't played the El Dorado course so I don't have much information on it.   


Desert Hawk/Coyote Run (Men)

Black  7628 YRDS. Rating 76.7  Slope 148  Gold  7072 YRDS  Rating 74.4  Slope 142  Blue  6568 YRDS.  Rating 72.1  Slope 141  White  6080 YRDS.  Rating 69.7  Slope 133  Red  5594  Rating 66.8  Slope 121   

Desert Hawk/Coyote Run (Women)

White 6080 YRDS. Rating 74.2  Slope 137  Red 5594 YRDS.  Rating 71.4  Slope 127  Green 5039 YRDS  Rating 67.5  Slope 123 

Desert Hawk/El Dorado (Men)

Black  7582 YRDS.  Rating 76.6 Slope 142  Gold  7027 YRDS.  Rating 74.0  Slope 137  Blue 6541 YRDS.  Rating 71.8  Slope 135  White  6071 YRDS. Rating 69.2  Slope 130  Red  5615 YRDS  Rating 66.7  Slope 117 

Desert Hawk/El Dorado (Women)

White 6071 YRDS.  Rating 73.8  Slope 133  Red 5615 YRDS. Rating 72.0  Slope 126  Green 5039 YRDS.  Rating 68.1  Slope 122  

Coyote Run/El Dorado (Men)

Black  7424 YRDS.  Rating 76.1  Slope 144  Gold  7007 YRDS.  Rating 73.6  Slope 139  Blue  6553 YRDS.  Rating 71.7  Slope 136  White  6095 YRDS.  Rating 69.2  Slope 130  Red  5597 YRDS.  Rating 66.7  Slope 119

Coyote Run/El Dorado (Women)

White  6095 YRDS.  Rating 73.8  Slope 135  Red  5597  Rating 71.5  Slope 127  Green  5110 YRDS.  Rating 68.2  Slope 122 

Green fees:  $70-$120

Driving Range:  Yes

Boulder City

Address:  1 Clubhouse Dr.  Boulder City, Nv.  89005  Phone:  702-293-9236  website: 


I must admit that when I found out that I was playing Boulder City I was a bit disappointed. Here we are in Las Vegas and we are playing a "common muni". Wow, was I mistaken.  This course is "the bomb".  I really loved it.  I expected a course that was in typically muni shape but immediately found out that my preconceptions were totally wrong.  The course was immaculate shap with some lush fairways and fast greens. It was an enjoyable layout, all in all a good test of golf.    


Back  6606 YRDS.  Men:  Rating 70.7  Slope 123  Women:  Rating 77.4  Slope 130:  Middle   6134 YARDS  Men:  Rating 68.7  Slope 121  Women: Rating 71.2  Slope 125:  Forward  5453 YRDS  Men:  Rating 65.4  Slope 103  Women:  Rating 71.2  Slope 119   

Green Fees:  $25-$55

Driving Range:  Yes


Red Hawk Golf and Resort

address:  6600 N. Wingfield Parkway  Sparks, Nv.  89436  Phone:  775-626-4599  Website:

There are two courses at Red Hawk and both are very different.  One course,  The Lakes, is flat and has a lot of water.  It is challenging and a kick in the butt to play.  Most of the lies on the course are flat.  The second course, The Hills, is just as the name implies-built in the hills above the resort.  The fairways I thought were a bit narrower and overall the Hills course seemed harder than the Lakes course.  Expect a lot of up and down lies, although I thought the course was fair and playable.  In my opinion The Lakes course is the most fun to play because I thought it to be more aesthetically appealing.  I enjoyed the Hills course though which brought a different challenge than the Lakes course.  I truly enjoyed both courses.    


Hills Course

Gold  7106 YRDS.  Men's  Rating 73.1  Slope 127:  Black  6695  Men's  Rating 70.8  Slope 123:  Blue  6244 YRDS.  Men's  Rating 69.0  Slope 116:  White  5733 YRDS.  Men's  Rating 66.6  Slope 114  Women's  Rating 71.9  Slope 133:  Combo (Red and White)  5561 YRDS.  Ladies  Rating 69.9  Slope 123:  Red  4980 YRDS.  Ladies  Rating 67.8  Slope 121

Lakes Course

Gold  7140 YRDS.  Men's Rating  73.6  Slope 133:  Black  6679  Men's Rating 71.5  Slope 130:  Blue  6278 YRDS.  Men's  Rating 69.4  Slope 127:  White  5863 YRDS.  Men's  Rating 67.0  Slope 114  Women's  Rating 72.4  Slope 134:  Combo (Red and White)  5562 YRDS.  Women's  Rating 70.3  Slope 128:  Red  5089 YRDS.  Women's  Rating 67.6  Slope 120 


Green Fees:  $40-$80

Driving Range:  Yes

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Golf Course

Address:  2500 Emerald Bay Road South Lake Tahoe, Ca.  96150  Phone:  530-577-0788  Website:  

Growing up my family would vacation in Lake Tahoe. We would pass by Lake Tahoe Golf Course many times and I would tell myself that I should play the course some day.  The course is built in a meadow and is very flat so from the highway it doesn't look like much.  It looks like just another flat golf course, but this one is located in the Lake Tahoe Basin.  Playing the course was not high on my priorities list until on one trip to Lake Tahoe I said I would play the course.  I'm glad I did.  Yes the course is flat, but the Truckee River meanders through it and appears in some interesting places.  The river and the backdrop of the high Sierra Mountains make this course one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.  Plus, the course is a lot of fun to play and is always in good shape.       


Gold  6741 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.3  Slope 129:  Black  6327 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.4  Slope 123  Women  Rating 74.1  Slope 126:  Silver  5703 YRDS.  Men's  Rating 66.8  Slope 116  Women's  Rating 71.2  Slope 117

Green Fees:  $70-$90

Driving Range:  Yes