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Haggin Oaks Golf Complex  Sacramento

Two Courses:  Alister MacKenzie  and Arcade Creek 

Address:  3465 Fulton Ave.  Sacramento, Ca.  95821  Phone:  916-808-2525  Website:

There are two courses at Haggin Oaks, one designed by famous golf architect Alister MacKenzie which is called The MacKenzie course and the second course is Arcade Creek.  They are two different courses.  The MacKenzie Course has mature tree lined fairways and is fairly tight and like all MacKenzie courses is well bunkered.  Arcade Creek is more open  I like the MacKenzie course a whole lot more than Arcade Creek because it has a lot more character.  Arcade Creek is pretty much straight up until you get to the holes on the back nine and only the last three.  Don't get me wrong, both courses are enjoyable, but I like the MacKenzie course more because of its character and old style feel. The MacKenzie Course has been changed over the years due to the construction of Interstate 80 Freeway, but the course has just undergone a restoration project to restore as much of the original course and feel of the old course as possible.   


The Alister MacKenzie Course

Alister MacKenzie  7030  YRDS.  Rating 73.3  Slope 126:  Four Oaks  6551 YRDS.   Rating 70.9  Slope 123:  Three Oaks  6006 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.1   Slope 120  Women  Rating 74.3  Slope 129:  Two Oaks  5368 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.3  Slope 114  Women  Rating 70.8  Slope 122:  One Oak  4552 YRDS.  Men  Rating 61.7  Slope 107  Women  Rating 65.0  Slope 107:  

The Arcade Creek Course

Black  6818 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.8  Slope 118:  Yellow  6495 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.4  Slope 116:  Tan  5535 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.7  Slope 108  Women  Rating 70.5  Slope 114:  Green  4591 YRDS  Men  Rating 61.8  Slope 99  Women  Rating 64.7  Slope 102:  Red  3851 YRDS.  Women  Rating 60.3  Slope 89:  White  2429 YRDS  No Rating Or Slope

green fees:  $54-$67  Check With The Pro Shop

Range:  Yes

Note:  Haggin Oaks Has One Of The Most Extensive And Complete Pro Shops You Can Anywhere

Ancil hoffman golf Course  Carmichael 

Address:  6700 Tarshe Dr.  Carmichael, Ca.  95608  Phone:  916-482-3284  Website:

This is another course that is very high on my favorite golf course list.  When I lived in The Sacramento Area I used to play it a lot because it reminded me of Riverside Golf Course in Fresno which I spent much of my golf career playing.  Ancil Hoffman is an "old style" golf course.  There are no tricks, just a solidly designed golf course.  The fairways are lined with tall, mature trees and the greens are smallish as well as well bunkered. There are a lot of fun holes on this course but my favorite is the uphill Par 3 14th, and at 106 Yards from the White tees you want to use enough club to get there.     


Gold  7009 YRDS  Men  Rating 73.2  Slope 134:  Blue  6538 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.5  Slope 128:  Blue/White Combo  YRDS. 6246  Men  Rating 70.2  Slope 124:  White  6016 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.4  Slope 121  Women  Rating 74.8  Slope 132:  Black  5413 YRDS.  Men  Rating 66.5  Slope 109  Women  Rating 71.2  Slope 123:  Green  4950 YRDS.  Men  Rating 54.5  Slope 104  Women  Rating 60.8  Slope 117

Green Fees:  $26-$43  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Cherry Island  Elverta

Address:  2360 Elverta Rd.  Elverta, Ca.  95626  Phone:  916-991-7293  Website:

Cherry Island 014.jpg

Check Out Our YouTube Video:  

Cherry Island is located in the northern part of The Sacramento Area in Elverta. This is definitely an interesting golf course.  Two creeks run through it and there are a couple of lakes you have to hit over.  The course is basically flat and the greens are pretty big and putt well.  I enjoyed playing the course and it is fair except for one hole that I didn't care for and that is the #7 hole where you have to hit over a lake to get on the green.  I'll just leave it at that as the carry over the lake is pretty long for the average hitter.  Overall though, its a good course and I would play it again.  Check out the YouTube video and you can see more of the course.  


Blue  6511 YRDS  Men  Rating 71.3  Slope 123:  White  6095 YRDS.  Men Rating 69.5  Slope 119:  Gold  5696 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.1  Slope 114  Women  Rating 70.6  Slope 129:  Green  5048 YRDS.  Men  Rating 64.9  Slope 112  Women  Rating 69.8  Slope 121 

Green Fees:  $22-$37  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Diamond Oaks  Roseville

Address:  349 Diamond Oaks Rd.  Roseville, Ca.  95678  Phone:  916-771-4653  Website:

Diamond Oaks is a short course but believe me, it will hold your interest.  The fairways are tight and the greens are small.  It is basically flat, although you will be traveling over hill and dell, but there are really no radical lies.  There is water and there are bunkers.  The course is a lot of fun to play with its dipsey-doodle nature and you won't get bored.  Its a fun course and I wish I could get up to Roseville and play it again soon. 

Tees:  Men's Par 72  Women's Par 73

Blue  6190 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.0  Slope 119:  White  5885 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.8  Slope 114:  Red  5481 YRDS.  Women's Par 73  Rating 71.9  Slope 121

Green Fees:  $16-$38  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Dry Creek Ranch  Galt

Address:  809 Crystal Way  Galt, Ca.  95632  Phone:  209-745-2330  Website:

I don't know how many of you have driven up to Sacramento along Highway 99 from points south and run across the golf course that Highway 99 cuts through.  That's Dry Creek Ranch.  I like the layout of this course.  There is water and many mature oak trees.  On some of the holes the oak trees force you to hit a particular shot because they are guarding the green.  It sounds kind of crazy, but even with the placement of the oak guardians, the course is pretty fair.  There is platy of water on the course as well.  Two holes are of interest here, at least to me.  The par 3 11th hole is one of my favorite par 3's I've played.  Its 160 yards uphill to a well bunkered green.  If you look at it, there really isn't anything special to it, I just like it.  The finishing hole Par 4 18th is a challenge.  A creek runs in front of the green and it has to be a pretty accurate second shot to make it in two.  It almost is best to layup and then you have a short wedge to the green. One drawback to the course is that maintenance is an issue.    


Black  6725 YRDS  Men  Rating 72.6  Slope 133:  Blue  6555 YRDS.  Men Rating 71.8  Slope 129:  White  6184 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.3  Slope 125  Women  Rating 75.4  Slope 133:  Gold  5666 YRDS  Men  Rating 67.8  Slope 119:  Red  5567 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.5  Slope 118  Women  Rating 72.5  Slope 128

Green Fees:  $18-$37  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Rancho Solono  Fairfield

Address:  3250 Rancho Solano Parkway  Fairfield, Ca.  94533  Phone:  707-429-4653  Website:  https://www.

Everything about this course seemed to be big.  The greens are some of the biggest greens on The West Coast and they are well bunkered.  From my recollections the course is fairly flat but does have some up and downs. It gets very windy in Fairfield, so if you are going to play this course play it in the morning when the wind isn't blowing so hard.  


Championship (Blue)  6688 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.6  Slope 132:  Regular (White)  6269 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.6  Slope 126:  Senior (Gold)  5670 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.7  Slope 118:  Ladies (Red)  5292 YRDS.  Women  Rating 69.9  Slope 119    

Green Fees:  $16-$60  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Lone Tree  Antioch

Address:  4800 Golf Course Rd.  Antioch, Ca.  945609  Phone:  925-706-4220  Website:

The reason this course is called "Lone Tree" is not because there is only one tree on the course, far from that.  The fairways are tree lined but fairly wide.  In one of the fairways stands a lone oak tree and that is where the course gets its name.  The course is mostly flat, however there is some of the course that has gently rolling hills to negotiate.  Number ten has two greens so you will want to check which green is in play.  I remember that number 18 is an uphill par 4 that is a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed the layout, although there is really nothing special about it, just a good, solid challenging golf course. 


Blue  6427 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.1  Slope 124  Women  Rating 77.2  Slope 135:  White  6090 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.5  Slope 121  Women  Rating 74.9  Slope 121:  Gold  5804 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.0  Slope 118:  Women  Rating 73.3  Slope 128:  Red  5493 YRDS  Men  Rating 67.0  Slope 116  Women  Rating 72.1  Slope 126   

Green Fees:  $45-$55  

Range:  Yes

Manteca Park Golf Course  Manteca

Address:  305 N. Union Rd.  Manteca, Ca.  95337  Phone:  209-825-2500  Website:

Do you like narrow, tree lined fairways?  Do you like water?  Do you like small, well bunkered greens?  If you answered yes to all those questions, I have a course for you.  Manteca will fit the bill quite nicely.  This is true "old school" golf, my friend.  The course is fairly short but extremely tight.  This is a challenge, but a fair one.  You just have to keep the ball in the fairway.  


Blue  6418 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.1  Slope 121:  White  6035 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.4  Slope 120:  Red  5538 YRDS.  Women  Rating 71.3  Slope 121:  Gold  4894 YRDS.  Men and Women  Rating 68.6  Slope 116  

Green Fees:  $8-$28  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Tracy Golf and Country Club  Tracy

Address:  35200 South Chrisman Road  Tracy, Ca  95377  Phone:  209-835-9463  Website:

Here we have another golf course where a freeway cuts the course in half.  Interstate 580 Freeway goes right through the middle of this course.  What does this have to do with the course's playability?  Nothing, I would think except for the constant noises from the traffic speeding on the freeway.  OK now, I need to talk a little bit about the course.  It is basically flat with wide, tree lined fairways and smallish green well protected by bunkers.  There is water on a few holes. the course is well maintained but has a tendency to at times be pretty dry but in good shape.  I would play it again if the opportunity came up.   


Black  6852 YRDS.  Men  Rating 73.9  Slope 129:  Blue  6618 YRDS.  Men  Rating 72.7  Slope 127:  White  6212 YRDS.  Men Rating 70.5  Slope 126  Women  Rating 76.2  Slope 134:  Red  5797 YRDS.  Women  Rating 73.8  Slope  128:  Gold  5110 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.5  Slope 117  

green fees:  Semi-Private  Please Call The Pro Shop For Rates

Range:  Yes Fees:  

the reserve at spanos park  (stockton, Ca.) 

Address:  6301 W.  Eight Mile Rd  Stockton, Ca.  95219  Phone:  209-477-4653


20200821_152048 (2).jpg

I need to play this course again.  It is a fairly flat "links" sort of course. There is water that comes into play on several holes.  This being a "links" style course, there are very few trees. It is been a while since I played this course, but I do remember that the course was very well bunkered both around the greens and in the fairways.  The fairways are contoured, but generally flat.  Speaking of the greens, they are large and have some subtle contours to them.  It has ben a while since I played the course, but I do remember that it was a blast to play.  The 18th hole is their signature hole with a lake guarding the approach to the hole.


Gold (Championship)  7132 YRDS.  Rating 74  Slope 133:  Blue  6550 YRDS.  Rating 71.6  Slope 127:  White  6070 YRDS.  Rating 69.4  Slope 125:  Green  5294 YRDS.  Rating 69.9

Slope 118

Green Fees: $75-$40  Senior Rate Available $49 Weekdays, Cart Included

Range: Yes  

micke grove golf course (Lodi, Ca.)

Address:  11401 Micke Grove Rd.  Lodi, Ca.  95240  Phone:  209-369-4410


Like The Reserve at Spanos Park I need to play this course again.  It has been a very long time since I have played it so my memories of the course are pretty foggy.  I do remember that there is a lot of water on the course.  The fairways are pretty generous except for a couple of holes.  There are a couple of holes with doglegs that you have to hit your spot or you are in the water.  There are a lot of trees on the course so it isn't like Spanos in that it isn't "links" style.  I remember the fairways as being fairly flat but undulating in some spots.  The greens, if I remember correctly are fairly large and putt well.  I look forward to going back and playing it again.



Blue  6565 YRDS.  Rating 71.6  Slope 124:  White  6026 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.5  Slope 122

Women (White)  Rating 74.0  Slope 124:  Red  5286 YRDS.  Rating 70.0  Slope 116

Green Fees:  Check Online  $60-$50  Senior Rate Is Available

Range:  Yes 

Dryden Park Golf Course

Address:  920 Sunset Ave.  Modesto, Ca.  95351  Phone:  209-577-5359


Dryden Park had a reputation of being in very bad shape.  For this reason, when I moved to Merced I was hesitant to give the course a try.  I ran into a friend of mine who plays Dryden all the time and we talked about the course and the improvements they have made in the course. One Saturday my home course was having a tournament and it was closed for the day so the question was where were my wife and I going to play.  She had just played a tournament at Dryden and said it was in pretty good condition.  What the heck, let's give it a try.  I'm glad I did.  It wasn't the "goat track" that a lot of people said it was.  It was in fairly good shape for a muni.  The fairways had grass and the greens were pretty good and very puttable.  The fairways are very wide and the ball releases.  The fairways are VERY wide.  The par threes are a lot of fun to play, especially the 17th.  The sixth hole is interesting with a sort of split fairway.  Don't hit that great big tall oak tree which separates the fairway. I also like the 16th hole as well which is a tight par 4 with the river on the left side of the fairway.   There isn't a clubhouse.  That's because the old clubhouse burned in a spectacular fire.  The course is operated out of a temporary pro shop and the restrooms are housed in a trailer.  Don't let that keep you away though, the course is a lot of fun to play.


Blue  6574 YRDS.  Rating 70.9  Slope 122:  White  6278  YRDS.  Rating 69.5  Slope 120

Red  5900 YRDS.  Rating 73.4  Slope 121

Green Fees:  $32-$26 Plus Cart Senior Rate Available Weekdays

Range: Yes 

Creekside golf course  (Modesto, ca.)

Address:  701 Lincoln Ave.  Modesto, Ca.  95354  Phone:  209571-5123


Creekside is the newest of the two Modesto Municipal golf courses.  I played Creekside for the first time a few months ago.  I enjoyed the course but I thing that I enjoyed Dryden much more.  Creekside's fairways are a little tighter than Dryden's and there are more dogleg holes here at Creekside.  Dryden, even though the fairways are very wide I think that Dryden has more memorable holes. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy Creekside and would play it again.  The fairways are basically flat and the greens are big.  The greens slope a bit more than Dryden's I think.  They are about as fast and about as big.  There is water on the course, but it only comes into play on two holes, the ninth and the dog leg 18th.  The sixth hole is probably the most memorable hole on the course. You tee off through a tight shoot of large oak trees so your drive has to be accurate.  The hole opens up about 150 yards out and is a dogleg left to a well bunkered green.  I would go back and play Creekside again.  It was a lot of fun to play even though it was very predictable. As far as difficulty of the course, I think that it is on par with Dryden.


Blue  6610  Rating 71.3  Slope 124:  Combo Blue/White  6309 YRDS.  Rating 69.7  Slope 121

White  6021 YRDS.  Rating 68.6  Slope 115:  Red   5496  Rating 69.7  Slope 110

Green Fees:  $36-$29  plus cart

Range:  Yes


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