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san francisco and penninsula-oakland and east bay

Lincoln park  San Francisco

address:  34th Ave. and Clementy St.  San Francisco, Ca.  94121  Phone:  415-221-9911  Website:

There is just something special about playing golf within the city limits of San Francisco, especially here at Lincoln Park.  It is a short course and very green.  The greens are slow and small plus the course is hilly.  It is walkable though.  The mature cypress trees make this a very special place especially when it is an overcast and foggy day and most of the time the course plays longer because of the cold damp air.  When you play the course take some time to enjoy the view from the 17th hole of The Golden Gate Bridge.  Taking in this view is one of the special moments of life. This is a course that although short and really nothing fancy to it, is quite a treat.    

tees:  Par  Men 68  Women 70

Blue  5146 YRDS.  Rating 65.9  Slope 119:  White  4948 YRDS.  Rating 65.1  Slope 108:  Red (Women) 4680 YRDS.  Slope 113 

Green Fees:  $24-$44  Plus Cart

Range:  No

Sharp Park   Pacifica

address:  Highway 1,  Foot of Sharp Park Road  Pacifica, Ca  94044  Phone:  650-359-3380  Website: 

Shart Park (106).jpg

Check Out The Sharp Park YouTube Video:

This course, although it has been modified was designed by famous course designer Alistair MacKenzie.  You may not know his name, but he was the designer of Augusta National. I thought I would throw a little history at you there.  The course is flat but has the same type of feel as Lincoln Park.. It is old style coastal golf at it finest.  The course sits right on the ocean and if you climb the sea wall on the outer boundary of the course you come across the beach.  The fairways are generous and the greens are small and slow bringing back memories of golf in the thirties when greens were cut at about 8 or 9.  This is a fun course with each hole being a little different.  The back nine is a change from the front nine in that the front nine goes through woods and the back nine is more flat and open as it is close to the ocean.  Check out the YouTube video and you can get a good flavor of the course.  If you are in the San Francisco area, I recommend taking the trip out to Pacifica and playing the course.  You won't forget the time you played Sharp Park.     


Blue  6432 YRDS.  Rating 71.4  Slope 126:  White  6195 YRDS.  Rating 70.3  Slope 125:  White  (Women)  6239 YRDS.  Rating 75.9  Slope 130:  Red (women)  5793 YRDS.  Rating 72.7  Slope 123 

green fees:  $27-$47  Plus Cart

Range:  No

half Moon Bay Golf Links

Two Courses:  The Old Course and The Ocean Course

Address:  2 Miramontes Point Rd.  Half Moon Bay  Ca.  94109  Phone:  650-726-1800  Website:

There are two courses here, The Old Course and the Ocean Course.  The Old Course is basically a parkland style course which winds it way around a grove of trees and finishes on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean just below the Scottish style Ritz Carlton Hotel.  The Ocean Course is a links style course which is built on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean. There are views of the ocean on most all the holes and there are very few trees.  I can't say much about the Old Course as I didn't play it, but I did play the Ocean Course and what a treat.  The course was fair and a true test of golf.  If you play this course, pray that it is a calm day because if the wind is blowing playing the course can be a bit dicey. The Ocean Course also finishes with a breathtaking par 4 which skirts the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean and finishes on the other side of the hotel.  The courses are a bit pricey, but what the heck.  You only live once.  If I were to choose which course to play and could only play one, I'd choose the Ocean Course.     


The Ocean Course  Men:  Par 71  Women:  Par 72 

Black  6854 YRDS.  Men  Rating 72.5  Slope 132:  Blue  6470 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.8  Slope 127:  White  6052 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.1  Slope 123  Women  Rating 74.7  Slope 131:  Gold  5461 YRDS.  Men  Rating 66.1  Slope 117  Women  Rating 71.1  Slope 124:  Red  4872 YRDS.  Women  Rating 68.5  Slope 115

The Old Course  Par 72  Men and Women

Black  7001 YRDS.  Men  Rating 74.4  Slope 132:  Blue  6610 YRDS.  Men  Rating 72.8  Slope 127:  White  6323 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.6  Slope 125  Women  Rating 77.3  Slope 137:  Gold  6021 YRDS.  Men  Rating 70.1  Slope 122  Women  Rating 75.7  Slope 133:  Red  5319  Men  Rating 71.0  Slope 126:  Red  5501 YRDS.  Women  Rating 72.8  Slope 127 

Green Fees:  $125-$250

Range:  No Short Game Practice Area Only

Indian valley  (Novato)

Address:  3035 Novato Blvd.  Novato, Ca.  94947  Phone:  415-897-1118  Website:

This course is hilly but playable.  It even has an elevator that goes from number 15 green to an elevated 16 tee.  Fairways can be tight and the greens putt true but be aware of your surroundings as you read the greens.  They can be tricky to putt.  Trees, yes there are trees and also creeks that line some of the fairways.  The course is a challenge but offers a variety of hills and flat fairways.  If I am in the Novato area, I would very much like to play Indian Valley again.


Blue  6374 YRDS.  Rating 69.0  Slope 123:  White  5931 YRDS.  Rating 67.7  Slope 121:  Red  Women  5281 YRDS.  Rating 69.4  Slope 120

Green Fees:  $6-$42  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Metropolitan Golf Links  (oakland)

address:  10051 Doolittle Dr.  Oakland, Ca  94603  Phone:  510-569-5555  website:


Metropolitan is as close you can get to a pure links style golf course without having to travel to Scotland.  There are a couple of things that keep it from being an exact links course and that is it is not directly one the ocean but about a mile inland from San Francisco Bay and the front nine returns to the clubhouse.  We can't all be picky though.  Other than that the course is true links style golf.  Greens are big and there are few trees, and the trees there are happen to be almost bushes.  There is links style rough lining the fairways and there are bunkers.  As is true with most links courses the wind blows pretty strong and is a factor on almost every hole. Because of the wind and the close proximity to the bay, Metropolitan plays longer than the yardage on the card on most days. The course is located near The Oakland International Airport and on the front nine its not uncommon to play under landing aircraft. On a clear day you can see the skyline of San Francisco across the Bay. The whole course is quite an experience.  Its a lot of fun to play, especially during the hot Central Valley of California and you come to play the course to escape the valley heat.  


Black  6959 YRDS.  Rating 73.9  Slope 131:  Blue  6529 YRDS.  Rating 71.9  Slope 128:  White  6069 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.8  Slope 122  Women  Rating 74.9  Slope 128:  Silver  5887 YRDS.  Rating 69.1  Slope 121:  Red  5565 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.5  Slope 116  Women  72.1  Slope 120:  Gold  5099 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.2  Slope 112  Women  Rating 69.5  Slope 115     

Green Fees:  $30-$63

Range:  Yes

Lake Chabot  championship course  (Oakland Hills)

Address:  11450 Golf Links Road  Oakland, Ca.  Phone:  510-351-5812  Website:

Picture 060.jpg

I think you can describe Lake Chabot in one word and that is Quirky.  It is definitely something in a golf course you probably have never experienced.  It is very hilly and of course where you have up you have down.  To say this about Lake Chabot is an understatement. Do you like hitting over active roads?  Chabot has that but be careful not to hit that Mercedes SUV that is coming up the road.  How about a Par 3 with about a 100 foot drop?  Yep, it is there on the par 3 #9.  How about a Par 6?  They saved this one until the last hole, a downhill par 6 which when you look back at the hole and the cart path it reminds you of Lombard Street in San Francisco.  With all its quirks and oddities it is still a fun course to play.     


Blue  5984 YRDS.  Rating 69.5  Slope 119:  White  5615 YRDS.  Men  Rating 67.3  Slope 115  Women  Rating 72.8  Slope 123:  Red  5172 YRDS.  Men Rating 65.1  Slope 111  Women  Rating 70.1  Slope 116

Green Fees:  $6-$42  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Note: Lake Chabot Has A 9 Hole Executive Course  

Monarch Bay (San Leandro)  Tony Lema Championship course and the Marina Executive course

Address:  13800 Monarch Bay Dr.  San Leandro, Ca.  94577  Phone:  510-895-2162  Website:

There are two courses here at Monarch Bay.  The first course is the executive Marina course and I didn't play it so I won't comment on it.  I did play the white tees on the Tony Lema championship course.  One suggestion I have is to play the course in the morning before the wind has a chance to kick up.  The whites are listed at around 6000 yards but when the wind kicks up the course plays way longer.  This is a semi links course with more trees on the front than on the back.  Most of the holes are open to the wind and when that wind starts blowing it blows hard.  It is a fair course with wide fairways and big greens.  The thing I remember the most about the course is the three finishing holes.  Number 17 is a long par 5 that sits along San Francisco Bay.  You have to navigate over ten traps on this difficult par 5, but the view of The San Mateo Bridge, Oakland International Airport and the San Francisco Skyline make it all worth it.  Number 17 is a medium par 3 unless the wind is blowing and it turns into a long monster.  Number 18 is a short under 300 yard Par 4 which you have to tee off over a canal.  If the wind is blowing as it normally does, good luck getting over that canal. The course, even as windy as it is, is a lot of fun to play.  


Marina 9 Hole Par 30 Executive Course  Par 30

Blue  1734 YRDS.  Men  Rating 59  Slope 90  Women  Rating 58.2  Slope 93:  Silver  1484 YRDS.  Women  Rating 57  Slope 91   

Tony Lema Championship Course  Par 71

Black  6937 YRDS.  Men  Rating 73.8  Slope 130:  Gold  6583 YRDS.  Men  Rating 72.2  Slope 124:  Combo Gold/White  6356 YRDS.  Men  Rating 71.1  Slope 123:  White  6054 YRDS.  Men  Rating 69.5  Slope 121  Women  Rating 74.4  Slope 128:  Green  5481 YRDS.  Men  Rating 66.9  Slope 114  Women  Rating 70.8  Slope 119:  Red  5130 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.3  Slope 111  Women  Rating 69.2  Slope 116

Green Fees:  $10-$49 Plus Cart

RAnge:  Yes

Redwood Canyon  CAstro Valley  (Formerly  Willow Park)

address:  17007 Redwood Road  Castro Valley, Ca.  94546  Phone:  510-537-8001  Website:

Redwood Canyon is the former Willow Park Golf Course.  I never played Willow Park so I just thought I would throw that up here.  At any rate, we decided to play Redwood Canyon on a New Year's Day to get out Merced, California for the day.  Don't ask me why I picked Redwood Canyon, it just looked interesting. I'm glad I did.  The course is tight and it really helps to have played the course before.  You have to hit the right spots on the fairway because of the tight fairways.  A creek runs through the course and comes into play, especially on the par 3's.  The greens were small and fast but putted well.  I liked this course and would play it again.  By the way, the course has an unusual feature in that the driving range is a lake and you hit balls into the lake.       

Tees  Par 71

Blue  5801 YRDS.  Men  Rating 68.1  Slope 116:  White  5429 YRDS.  Men  Rating 66.4  Slope 112  Women  71.4  Slope 126:  Red  5188 YRDS.  Men  Rating 65.3  Slope 111  Women  Rating 69.9  Slope 124

green fees:  $20-$35  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes  (Lake)

Las Positas  Livermore

Address:  917 Clubhouse Dr.  Livermore, Ca.  94551  Phone:  925-455-7820  Website: 

This is another one of those golf courses that I would pass by and say, "I need to play that golf course someday".  You can see the course as you travel to The San Francisco Bay Area as the course is located right off Interstate 580 and a few of the holes run along the freeway.  I finally got to play it but that was almost 25 years ago.  It was a nine hole course then and they had just built the second nine but it was not open.  I do remember that the greens were large and the fairways were generous and tree lined.  Bunkers has great sand in them, the white powdered sugar kind of sand.  I understand that the course has undergone several renovations and improvements since I played it, so I cant's tell you much other than what I have just written.  I plan to go back soon to check out the changes.  


Men:  Black  6706 YRDS.  Rating 72.5  Slope 136:  Blue  6323 YRDS.  Rating 70.8  Slope 132:  White  6071 YRDS.  Rating 68.5  Slope 124: Red  5313  Rating 66.4  Slope 120    

Women:  Blue  6277 YRDS.  Rating 76.2  Slope 130:  White  5757 YRDS.  Rating 74.3  Slope 127:  Red  5313 YRDS.  Rating  70.3  Slope 121  

green fees:  $39-$48  Plus Cart

Range:  Yes

Shoreline Golf Links  Mountain View, Ca.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Address:  2940 N. Shoreline Blvd.  Mountain View, Ca.  94043  Phone:  650-903-4653




Black  6996 YRDS.  Rating 74.2  Slope 129:  Blue  6608 YRDS.  Rating 72.3  Slope 126:  White  6061 YRDS.  Rating 69.9  Slope 121:  Red (Men)  5437 YRDS.  Rating 66.9  Slope 115

PWGA (Women's)

White  6061 YRDS.  Rating 74.5  Slope 134:  Red  5437 YRDS.  Rating 71.0  Slope 124

Rates:  $60-$37 Plus $16 Shared Cart

Range:  Yes


Well, Shoreline isn't a true links course, but it is close.  It took me a long time to play this course.  My daughter played in two junior tournaments here and I always wanted to play the course but never had the opportunity.  It is very close to San Francisco Bay on the western shore.  Being so close to the bay the fairways can be a bit sparse, due to the salt air but run out pretty well.  I was told that they are working on the problem by slowly introducing a hybrid grass that is more resistant to the salt air.  Don't let that keep you away from playing here because it is a fun track.  The greens are in great shape and putt true.  They are big.  You can't beat the setting, being so close to the bay.     

Corica Park (South Course)

Address: 1 Clubhouse Memorial Drive  Alameda, California  Phone:  510-747-7800



Black  6684  Yards  Men's Rating 73.0  Men's Slope 128:  Black/Blue Combo  6645 Yards  Men's Rating 72.0  Men's Slope 126:  Blue  6303 Yards  Men's Rating 70.4  Men's Slope 123

Blue/White Combo  6066 Yards   men's Rating 69.2  Men's Slope 122:  White  5789 Yards

Men's Rating 67.8  Men's Slope 119  Women's Rating 73.3  Women's Slope 125:  Red  5201 Yards  Men's Rating 65.2  Men's Slope 114  Women's Rating 70.4  Women's Slope 120:  Yellow  4767 Yards  Men's Rating 63.3  Men's Slope 107  Women's Rating 67.5  Women's Slope 115


Rates: $50-$120 Check with The Pro Shop or On-line With Golf Now or another Tee Time Provider

Range: Yes

Note:  There are actually three courses here.  Corica South is the one we played and is mentioned here.  There is a North Course which is under construction and the front nine is finished.  A nin-hole executive course is also available for play. 

OK, here's a little bit of a quiz for you.  What makes a golf course an Australian Sand Belt Style Golf Course.  My answer after a couple of hours of pointed research is the hell if I know.  Supposedly from what I gather it is something between a British Links Style course and an American Park Style course.  Corica Park in Alemeda, California is supposed to be an Australian Sandbelt style course.  You could have fooled me. Australian Sandbelt courses have few trees as on a links style course and have enough sand that a U.S. Marine would be right at home with. The greens and approach areas are HUGE-and I mean huge-but what I think is the difference is that unlike Links courses the rough isn't as as deep and the course is kept green. What about the wind.  Yep, there is wind here and with most San Francisco Bay Area courses the wind blows-does it blow. I totally enjoyed this course and all aspects about it. It was very well designed with some undulating greens and well placed bunkers.  I was very impressed as far as the condition of the course as well.  It was dry and the fairways were fast.  My first and most important observation of this course is that you must play it a couple of times in order to score well.  It reminded me a lot of Olivas Park in Ventura. I want to go back.  Hey Denise, you want to go play Corica Park in Alameda?  

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